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kexpforever's Journal

10 July
6fg, aaron sprinkle, acceptance, anatomy of a ghost, ascap, autumn poetry, barsuk, belle & sebastian, bham bands, blane, blood brothers, blue sky mile, blue tree artists, bmi, brand new, brmc, brodie, cameron nicklaus, capillaries, clubs, coach z, cody votolato, college, common heroes, copeland, crosstide, cursive, dear john letters, death cab for cutie, dolour, elliott smith, emery, family guy, farewell addison, fender rhodes, finch, friends for heroes, further seems forever, gabe archer, gatsby's american dream, go ahead, gravity gets things done, greg swinehart, guided by voices, hot hot heat, hudson river school, indie, indie rock, instant winner, jet city fix, john richards, john vanderslice, kane hodder, kexp, kgrg, kierkegaard, kind of like spitting, lance fisher, late tuesday, making connections, mark gajadhar, matador, mindhead, minus the bear, modest mouse, namesake for noise, norma jean, olympia, onelinedrawing, pedro the lion, peter parker, pleaseeasaur, pretty girls make graves, promotion, recording studios, rocky votolato, run on anything, saves the day, sesac, showbox, sidecho records, smirnoff, sonic boom, straight line, stratford 4, sub pop, sufjan stevens, taking back sunday, tape op, the beautiful mistake, the blood brothers, the catch, the crocodile, the divorce, the fire theft, the geeks, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the lights, the long winters, the pale, the pixies, the posies, the presidents, the weakerthans, the yeah yeah yeahs, thursday, time to fly, u.s.e., united state of electronica, vinyl, waxwing, west of january records