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Rocky Votolato: 11.22.03 @ University of Puget Sound
7:30pm, $8, all ages.

The Pale, Rocky Votolato, Gatsby's American Dream. 12.12.03
@ Vera Project, 8pm, $7, all ages.

WAXWING 12.20.03 Redmond WA @ The Old Firehouse
$6, all ages, w/ David Bazan from Pedro speaking - it's a Bands Against Bush show

oh and its the decemberists who are at the third death cab show.

write this down.

December 16th @ EMP
KEXP Benefit Concert.
The Fire Theft, Longwave, and Kinky.

$15.00 for KEXP/EMP members,
$18.00 for the public.
All ages. Bar with ID.
Tickets on sale 11/25 for members
11/28 for the public.

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yup they added another death cab show! both of the others are sold out already -

Sunday November 23rd - The Showbox, Sonic Boom, Seattle Weekly and 90.3 presents DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE with Special Guests! $13.00 advance at all TicketsWest outlets and Sonic Boom locations. $15.00 day of show and at the door. Doors at 7PM. All ages.

im really suprised how many people were at the pedro show, there were actually more band members in the audience than the bands that were playing on stage.

i dyed my hair black tonite, fun fun fun.

downloaded this dfx sound enhancer for my musicmatch, all my songs sound ten times better. this thing is glorious. given new life to my entire playlist.
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the graceland show sunday nite was awesome, i had the best time, all the bands were great and there was so much energy and the crowd loved them.

i met rocky, got his autograph and the new cd, he is such a great guy and soooo talented - blows me away everytime i hear him. oh and get this - a waxwing show december 20th i think he said.

two of the girls from the catch were there, got to meet them -that was cool. by the way congrats on the sold out dcfc show!

talked to gabe before the show, that always makes me happy. me and whit both got new pale shirts. i loved cam's shirt though, i really want a kexp shirt.

irving played my l-o-v-e song. and pedro was great as usual, saw david walking around before the set but i didnt know what to say to him. maybe next time. but yeah it was a really great show.

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someone tell me which hair salon andrea from pgmg's works at, because i would love to get my hair done by her. yeah still have the urge to dye my hair again. new plan: bright red streaks or fringe just for the show [so stoked about going]and then dyed totally jet black. and im loving it this long. might reach my elbows by christmas.

so far this week, i've been to all of my classes. so what if tomorrow is only wednesday. last friday the most amazing thing happened. everyone in my religion class decided to skip on the same exact day, and the teacher showed up and no one was there. yeah there's less than ten people in the class, but it was still awesome and totally unplanned.

im getting really good at typing with gloves on. ohh so i think this guy winked at me at lunch. and i think this girl hit on me at the library, but we won't get into that one. i say i think because i never really know, im such a bad judge of things like that. maybe im just a bad judge of people in general .or still bitter about the ones who got married which we will not speak of. probably both.

for anyone else who didn't know, the evil monkey is angry because he caught his wife cheating. why he lives in chris' closet im not sure but i will get to the bottom of this.
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five quick thoughts

less than jake will be at easy street in seattle, november 11, for an acoustic show.

dan wren is my new favorite photographer.

my hands are freezing.

things won't happen if you expect them.

i adore my new headphones (both sets).
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question - does the consolidated works have any all ages shows?

i just saw part of the roster for the new years party at that place and its awesome so far, two stages at least: The Carolines,The Long Winters, Damien Jurado, Anna Oxygen, Lifesavas, Pretty Girls Make Graves...and more tba. wed. dec 31.

oohh and want to be on a Dolour DVD?
Sat Nov 1st - Dolour and Friends for Heroes @ Washington Hall w/ Lacey Brown, plus special guests. This show will be filmed for an upcoming Dolour DVD, so dress up all Halloween style! 154 14th (at east fir in the central dist.) *All Ages* 21+ w/i.d. Seattle, Wa

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so i was doing homework for music history class, and i totally just realized that jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison, and kurt cobain all died when they were 27 years old. all accidental overdoses or suicides. all four were left handed. weird.

i got my record player, thanks will! and whit for carrying it too =) this things big and heavy but it looks so awesome, radio and tape deck too, looks soo retro pimp. i think i just need to get an adapter for my headphones, and a crappy record to test it. its an old magnavox, i'll get a pic soon.

tonite my roomie and her boyfriend in our quad were smoking really strong stuff -through two closed doors and i couldnt stop coughing. or eating. but it was hilarious how obvious they are.

the sunset today was gorgeous, pinks and purples. my hands are freezing. hey whit, i've decided the age-cut-off doesnt apply to some celebrities/bands. hows 39 sound? ha.

in other news, anatomy of a ghost owns you. (speaksincursive.) hi dewey :)

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making these things is addictive. take it now.
friend test

it's confession time again. hit me up if the following applies to you:
-you have me on your aol buddy list and i don't know it.
-im on your buddy list and you dont know why.
-you secretly read my lj, or you've never commented.
-you're randomly reading my lj for the first time.
-you go to my college. and you're not my roommate.

check out part of this earlier confession (hi donna and alex, even though i still dont know who you are):

Donna: Weird, huh? That is so strange. How is Washington? I can't imagine how you ended up on my buddy list. That's so funny; I've been curious for awhile now.
Sher1083: dont know anyone in texas. yeah im curious too
Donna: Weird. You don't have to answer this because you don't know me, but are you around 19 yrs. old? Maybe you know some of Alex's friends or something.
...confess your hearts out people.

one more thing - what do you guys think about the band smoosh? They are two sisters, an eleven year old on keyboards and a nine year old on drums, and they both sing. If thats not enough, they are opening for death cab for cutie and nada surf in november for the all ages show. they've already been in studio at kexp. Asya and Chloe. smoosh.